Sales Process

Why New Key Real Estate?

At New Key, we have helped thousands of property owners sell their home for the best possible price. What's more, we can do the same for you.

If you're committed to acheiving the best possible outcome for your property, then why not pick up the phone and give New Key Real Estate a call or come into our office to get professional advice on your property.

At New Key, we understand the property market and it's fluctuations and each chracteristics of a Buyer and a Seller. Of course, as you would know, a Buyer would always aim to achieve the highest possible price and the Seller would search for the best property with the lowest price with a bargain.

A good Real Estate Agent with local knowledge and proven results will always give you a more realistic appraisal of your home by comparable sold properties within the area and other factors.

New Key Process of Sale

  1. Appraise your home - One of our professional will establish the market value of your home.
  2. Commence the Sale of your property by you signing the authorities giving New Key the go ahead to market your property.
  3. Photos - A professional photographer is appointed to take quality pictures of your home for marketing.
  4. Signage - Erect a board at the front of your property, note this is your 24/7 Salesperson.
  5. Open for Inspection - Arrange suitable times to Open the property for inspection with Vendors.
  6. Prepare marketing methods - Creating internet advertising and uploaded to various website, front office advertising and brochures.
  7. Contact registeredt clients - Our database of potential purchasers are contacted of the latest listing (your property).
  8. Enquiry - We acquire any intrerested purchaser and obtain an offer.
  9. Price Guide - Market feedback is expressed back to you.
  10. Possible Offer - Convert buyers interest into a formal written offer with conditions negotiated (such as settlement terms and finance).
  11. Negotiation - We negotiate to achieve the best possible price.
  12. Offer is accepted - Purchaser and Vendor signs all Contracts of Sale.
  13. Sale condition finalised.
  14. Property is SOLD!.
  15. Settlement - Purchaser is now the new owner of the property.
  16. Seller is satisfied with the price achieved and Buyer is pleased to own a new home at the best price.